You do not need a fortune teller.
Make better decisions to grow your business with Machine Learning advanced analytics

We can help you grow your business with advanced data analytics based on AI Data Science and Machine Learning

You've got lots of unstructured data on sales, clients, products, services, campaigns, etc. BIs give you reports on what happened and based on data matches, while Machine Learning uses predictive and prescriptive modelling and self-learning algorithms to tell you what will happen and how to manage it.

We take your raw data, process it, and use modern machine learning techniques and algorithms in Python to build,  test, validate, and select models, which would provide the most accurate prognosis for you. We would then translate the data into a visual story that would help you make fast business decisions. We could also integrate our AI software with your daily operations data to get forecasts on a daily/monthly basis.

This would give you business insights to use for immediate improvements in any business area - from supplies ordering and waste cuts through key customers and employee retention to fraud prevention, personalized services, top accuracy sales forecasts, targeted campaigns, and advanced customer experience.

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Forecast sales based on predictive modelling


Predictive analytics to reduce customer or employee churn


Operations optimisation to reduce loss and increase profit


Customer segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns


Churn decrease in product or services subscriptions


Automated credit score assessment
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