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A good intranet portal is the single point for timely communication, collaboration, engagement, and training of employees.

If you need a modern custom intranet portal design meeting your needs and preferences,

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Perfect for any industry our intranet portals facilitate access to the required work materials, approval flows, collaborative work, and integration with other system resources.

Microsoft SharePoint or custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript - you will get both visually engaging and practically efficient intranet!

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The options to manage access as per the company business needs,  get personalized targeted experience, Single-Sign-On, and shared resources are just a few of the benefits you would enjoy with a MS SharePoint intranet portal.

Based on your preferences, we are ready to offer you a fixed price for the intranet portal design and implementation, so you would not worry about unexpected budget changes.

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While employees work both in the office and remotely, company communication and content is more than ever essential for business growth and organizational culture development. Get a intranet that is:

Contemporary look-and-feel, engaging design

Departments manage their content

Integration with existing
Company applications
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